Whitening Toothpaste with Rock Salt

Two sets of clean white teeth are most people’s dream. But the wrong eating habits may make this nothing but just another dream. Excessive drinking of tea, coffee, sweetened drinks, or smoking habits can increase the risk of tooth decay.

Rock salt is considered to be one of the most popular ingredients in Ayurveda. It is also found in the books of ancient Ayurveda which are more than five hundred years old and is considered as an Ayurvedic ingredient rich in Magnesium and Calcium.

Furthermore, salts are highly valued as a cosmetic ingredient that helps to whiten teeth.

A mixture of Ayurvedic oil and Aramedas Tailam, which is made from a variety of herbs, helps to strengthen teeth, whiten, and remove blemishes.

Rinsing the mouth with Himalayan salt or rock salt helps to remove the bacteria that are associated with problematic gums.

Himalayan salt or rock salt is a mineral which helps to repair damaged tooth enamel. Brushing your mouth daily with a mixture of mild salt water or brushing your teeth daily with mild salt toothpaste can cure gum diseases, tooth decay, sore throat and whiten teeth.

According to ancient Ayurvedic texts, when there is a toothache, it is effective to grind salt with sesame oil and rinse the mouth to cure the toothache.

Arimedas Tailam which helps to increase the strength of the teeth, also helps in relieving tooth decay and removing stains on the teeth. Arimedas Tailam, a powerful Ayurvedic oil, contains 38 ayurvedic herbs such as licorice, cinnamon, cardamom, citrus, turmeric, and sesame oil.

Lever ayush Whitening Rock Salt Toothpaste is based on Ayurvedic knowledge that has been around for 5000 years. Rock salts in this toothpaste have been known to whiten teeth for centuries, and the Arimedas Tailam is said to keep teeth healthy.

Lever ayush Whitening Rock Salt Toothpaste contains rock salt and Arimedas Tailam extract that keeps teeth healthy, whitens and gives you a radiant smile.


Natural Benefits:

Tooth whitening

Available in:

40g | 120g


Step 1

Apply toothpaste onto a soft bristle toothbrush

Step 2

Brush on all sides and along the gums

Step 3

Rinse thoroughly with water

For best results:

Brush twice a day

Key Ingredients

Rock salt

The healthiest form of salt in Ayurveda, it is known as a powerful solution for whitening of teeth.

Arimedas Tailam

A unique blend made using 38 natural herbs, which are known to make teeth stronger and prevent tooth decay