The power of clove oil for healthy teeth and gums

For centuries, clove oil has been a part of ayurvedic medicine. The myriad of health benefits of clove oil was acknowledged and respected by the old gurus and doctors who sought its assistance in creating various formulations. Anti-inflammatory The essence of clove oil holds anti-inflammatory properties that are ideal for toothaches. The inflammation and irritation […]



Use Natural Fairness Saffron Face Cream to achieve a clear glowing skin

For centuries, South Asian men and women have relied on the goodness of all-natural elements and ingredients to maintain their health and wellbeing. Ancient literature speaks highly of balms and other old skincare treatments, made from components such as saffron, kumkumadi Tailam, and essences of native flora. Using elements such as saffron in medicine is […]



Why you should use a natural shampoo to get rid of hair fall

Herbal shampoos are made with the rich concoctions of ayurvedic ingredients found in ancient literature, which were written by ayurvedic experts and gurus who lived centuries ago. Hence, natural herbal shampoos are effective in treating several hair-related issues, including hair fall. For those struggling with hair fall-related issues, there are numerous hair fall control shampoos […]



Why you should be using aloe vera on your skin every day

Aloe Vera is considered a conqueror in the botanical world due to its enriched vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory compounds that offers healing assistance due to irritations. However, it has to be used in the right way, right dosage and for the right purpose.Due to the multiple benefits of aloe-vera on your skin many seek for […]